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Below is a list of organizations who are participating in this project as host organizations. You may contact the organization directly for specific questions, or for more information.

Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford: 9-5 pm, to register, contact Melissa Traub, Melissa_traub@chs.org, (860) 236-5621. Online newspaper database, four computer stations available, ten researcher limit. Researchers may choose titles available in the database. 1 Elizabeth Street, Hartford, CT.

Connecticut State Library, Hartford: 9-5 pm, to register, contact Carolyn M. Picciano, Carolyn.picciano@ct.gov. Microfilm and online database access, four computer stations available, six researcherlimit. 231 Capital Avenue, Hartford, CT.

Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford, West Hartford: 9:30-4:30 pm, to register contact Estelle Kafer, ekafer@jewishhartford.org, (860) 727-6171. Connecticut Jewish Ledger, some hard copy and online database access. Three computers are available, five researcher limit. 333 Bloomfield Avenue, Suite B, West Hartford, CT.


To register as a participant in this project click this link:  http://www.clho.org/event-2411322

To learn more about the National Project CLICK HERE.


This project investigates US press coverage for a number of Holocaust-related events. 


Now it's your turn. Go to your library, historical society, or search online for local newspaper archives. Find articles about the historical events.


Submit the research you find to our online database, which will be available to anyone, anywhere—from historians to curators to students.

Connecticut League of Museums
Central Connecticut State UniversityDepartment of History
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