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    • Wednesday, June 10, 2020
    • (EDT)
    • Wednesday, September 02, 2020
    • (EDT)
    • 12 sessions
    • Zoom

    CLHO Summer School pencil logo

    Join CLHO for all twelve of our Summer School webinars. Register for the whole Summer School curriculum at once, and just sit, back, relax, and tune in each week.

    If you prefer, you can register for individual sessions at $5 apiece. For a complete schedule, please visit the Summer School webpage.

    NOTE: We know many history museums and organizations are facing financial strain due to the pandemic. With this in mind, the complete 12-session CLHO Summer School is being offered at a reduced rate for League members.

    We are also providing a special COVID-19 promo code to waive individual session fees for those whose current financial situation requires it. Please visit the individual session pages for more information.

    We will get through this together.

    • Wednesday, July 08, 2020
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom

    Looking for ways to engage younger audiences with all that history has to offer? A new initiative, Made By Us develops avenues to reaching Millennials and Gen-Z, sharing history in catalytic ways so young people can use history as a tool for civic engagement. With over 60 partners across the USA, Made By Us builds connections between organizations so we can better share resources and data, be more responsive and audience-oriented, and collectively raise the profile of history organizations among young people. Program Manager Caroline Klibanoff will share more about what Made By Us is doing and how you can participate.


    • Caroline Klibanoff, Program Manager, Made By Us

    Sponsor: Connecticut Explored is a magazine and podcast of Connecticut History.

    Zoom Information: Registrants will receive the Zoom webinar information via email prior to the event.

    • Friday, July 10, 2020
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom

    Colleague Circles Conversations with CLHO

    Join us for a followup conversation on the reopening process. A few of our member organizations will share their approaches to and experiences with reopening so far, and we'll open the floor up so you can talk about what's on your mind. We'll have with us Bob Burns (Mattatuck Museum), Donna Baron (Lebanon Historical Society), and Cam Farlow (Leffingwell House Museum) to kick off the conversation, and Liz Shapiro (DECD) will join us once again to field any additional questions you might have about the state's reopening guidance.

    • Wednesday, July 15, 2020
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom

    A true story about Connecticut’s past people, events or places can be told by portraying an individual, presenting various points of view, and in the lyrics of a song. Sally Rogers and Carolyn Stearns will briefly discuss the history programs that the Connecticut Storytelling Center (CSC) offers and will talk about how the programs can be tailored to individual organizations. Because storytelling engages audiences of all ages, it can help connect the past to the present and the unfamiliar to universal human themes. Both Rogers and Stearns will perform pieces from their repertoire.

    Storytellers working with students

    Sally Rogers works with students and local historical societies to collect oral histories of community elders, and to research people and events linked to primary source materials. From these stories, she engages students to create songs reflecting the history that is all around them. Sally will perform some of these songs and talk about the process of creating them.

    Taking history out of the book and making it come alive, Carolyn Stearns tells stories from the Civil War era. Full costume and accessories bring the time period to life. New England traditional stories will bring participants closer to the lives of our ancestors.


    • Carolyn Stearns, Storyteller
    • Sally Rogers, Storyteller

    Carolyn Stearns     Sally Rogers

    Sponsor: Connecticut Explored is a magazine and podcast of Connecticut History.

    Zoom Information: Registrants will receive the Zoom webinar information via email prior to the event.

    • Wednesday, July 22, 2020
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom

    The ability to create digital manifestations of cultural heritage materials and make them available online has put a plethora of resources within reach of those who seek to explore and understand the key movements, events, developments, people and places that comprise Connecticut history.

    Through a grant provided by Connecticut Humanities, the team involved in the Connecticut Collections Alliance (CCA) project has been working on a set of three related digital stewardship task areas to make these resources more accessible and usable: supporting preservation of digital resources in the collections of organizations who are members of Connecticut Collections (CTCo) through development of a connector to the Connecticut Digital Archive (CTDA); creating dynamic links between ConnecticutHistory.org and the CTDA; developing tools for augmenting subject headings for resources in the CTDA to facilitate search and discovery, with a focus on the timely topic of the women’s suffrage movement in Connecticut in this centennial year, and creating a curated collection of women’s suffrage-related resources from CTDA contributor organizations.

    Panelists will describe the project process and invite participants to suggest ways in which the project goals might continue to be advanced to support cultural heritage organizations in highlighting and improving discoverability of their collections.


    • Kathy Foulke, Digital Projects Specialist, Mystic Seaport Museum
    • Michael Kemezis, Connecticut Digital Archive Repository Manager
    • Diane Lee, Connecticut Collections Project Coordinator, Connecticut League of History Organizations

    Sponsor: Connecticut Explored is a magazine and podcast of Connecticut History.

    Zoom Information: Registrants will receive the Zoom webinar information via email prior to the event.

    • Wednesday, July 29, 2020
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom

    Using the Prudence Crandall Museum and the Eric Sloane Museum as case studies, panelists will describe their process of reinterpretation which is at different stages at both sites.  Primarily geared to sites linked to bigger stories, this panel presentation will offer examples of what can be accomplished by a small team, as there is only one staff person per site.

    Prudence Crandall Museum     Old New Gate Prison and Copper Mine

    Eric Sloane Museum

    The Eric Sloane Museum has expanded from a narrow focus on tools into a more complete picture of Sloane’s life and work; the Prudence Crandall Museum previously focused on a critical local story from a traditional historic house perspective and intends to reopen after renovations with a visitor experience that explores through the students’ stories what equity in education might look like at state, national, and global levels.  Both sites have structured their interpretive plan on the success of increased relevance at Old New-Gate Prison, which piloted this strategy for Connecticut’s State Museums.

    All three sites are broadening the history they share into a larger relationship with the problems the world confronts today.  Panelists will share techniques for audience evaluation, community conversations, use of technology, such as 3-D tours, and relationships to cultivate during the reinterpretation process.  Discussion will center on viewing interpretation as a holistic approach to the overall visitor experience.  Audience members will leave with questions to jump start reinterpreting their own sites.


    • Joanie DiMartino, Museum Curator & Site Superintendent, Prudence Crandall Museum, State of CT
    • Elizabeth G. Shapiro, Director of Arts, Preservation and Museums, Operations, Museums and Historic Preservation, State Historic Preservation Office, Department of Economic and Community Development, State of CT
    • Morgan Bengel, Museum Curator, Old-New Gate Prison & Copper Mine, State of CT
    • Andrew Rowand, Museum Assistant, Eric Sloane Museum, State of CT

    Joanie Di Martino     Elizabeth Shapiro     Morgan Bengel     Andrew Rowand

    Sponsor: The State Historic Preservation Office of Connecticut. 

    Zoom Information: Registrants will receive the Zoom webinar information via email prior to the event.

    • Wednesday, August 05, 2020
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom

    The State Historic Preservation Office recently considered how change in the natural, regulatory, economic, technological, demographic, and social environment influences historic preservation practice in the state. We saw shared stewardship, the theme of our statewide historic preservation plan, as a way to address persistent uncertainty. In a world of continual change, we seek out places where we have attachments and a sense of belonging.

    From a decision-making perspective, uncertainty impedes action because it is difficult to plan for the unknown. An attitude of shared responsibility creates a fluidity that can be more responsive to change and at the same control future outcomes. Rather than being about the past or the present, shared stewardship is grounded in contemporary society. Staff from the State Historic Preservation office will give short presentations based on current work within this framework followed by an open question and answer discussion.


    • Erin Fink, Architectural Preservationist, Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office
    • Catherine Labadia, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer and Staff Archaeologist

    Sponsor: Connecticut Explored is a magazine and podcast of Connecticut History.

    Zoom Information: Registrants will receive the Zoom webinar information via email prior to the event.

    • Wednesday, August 12, 2020
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom

    In this panel presentation we will address the theme of stewardship by sharing methods and examples of how we involved residents in our award-winning, community-curated exhibit, “Washington Connecticut – An American Story”, how we interpreted and shared 10,000 years of our community’s stories, and the digital components we developed for the exhibit. We will relate how we created an inclusive exhibit that encompasses the history and communities of the five villages of Washington.

    Photo of the entrance to Washington, Connecticut An American Story exhibition

    Stephen Bartkus, Gunn Historical Museum Curator, will walk participants through the exhibit creation process – from writing the grant to the exhibit opening reception. He will share lessons learned, recommendations for participants who might be applying for a Good to Great grant, and the challenges we faced during the project.

    Community participation was key to the success of this exhibit and we will discuss the important role of volunteers and contributors. From early research all the way through installation of the exhibit, these community partners had a sense of ownership and played a vital role in the successful outcome. Learn how we engaged the community to shape the exhibit by sharing their family stories, artifacts, and oral histories. We will provide advice and recommendations for other organizations that are interested in getting their communities involved in their museums and exhibits.

    Julia Nable and Zoltan Csillag, exhibit designers from creative studio SandorMax, will discuss their experience of working with a local history museum to create a long-term exhibit covering the comprehensive history of a town. They will demonstrate their process for distilling 10,000 years of history into a limited physical space. They will relate their techniques for using compelling personal stories of individuals to tell a bigger story and make the exhibit topics come alive – sharing stories of Native Americans and colonists, the enslaved and abolitionists, immigrants and visionaries, soldiers and artists. They will also discuss materials, methods, and processes used to ensure the success of the exhibit within the challenges of an aggressive timeline, as well as advice for history organizations working with a professional exhibit designer.


    • Stephen Bartkus, Curator, Gunn Historical Museum
    • Paula Krimsky and Doug McHan, Washington residents
    • Julia Nable and Zoltan Csillag, Founders/Owners, SandorMax

    Stephen Bartkus     Julia Nable     Zoltan Csillag

    Sponsor: SandorMax is a creative agency that works with cultural organizations, museums, and municipalities to promote culture, history, and tourism. Our creative services include strategic planning, marketing, design, digital, and full-service museum exhibit designs.

    Zoom Information: Registrants will receive the Zoom webinar information via email prior to the event.

    • Wednesday, August 19, 2020
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom

    By telling their important stories with video—in exhibits and websites, on cellphones, tablets, desktops, and large-screen TVs—historical societies and museums can both leverage and future-proof their most important assets, the histories they steward.

    In this presentation, curators and managers of history and its artifacts will learn practical, creative and fiscal steps needed to tell their stories with professionally produced short-form narrative videos. 

    Converging trends have made high-quality video projects accessible to smaller organizations. Technological advances have made video production and display less expensive. Furthermore, short-form videos are more popular than ever. Most local stories can be told in less than five to ten minutes, a cost-effective running time.

    A still from the video

    Using the videos that he created for the East Haddam Historical Society, Ken Simon with museum Executive Director Marianne Halpin and June Plecan will unpack how they developed and produced the collaborative project, “Saving Land, Saving History.” The videos integrate museum assets (photos, films, video, maps, and documents) with new footage of historic objects and places, and video interviews with local history tellers. The videos will be a central exhibit component and distributed online.

    Production crew on site

    Project objectives include preserving significant local histories, while increasing impact and extending reach for the sponsoring organizations. Recording contemporary interviews with local people enhanced viewer engagement as well as added value through archiving the full interviews with transcriptions.

    The presenters will show how collaborations with businesses, community foundations, other local non-profits, state funders, and private individuals can help bring video projects like this to life.


    • Ken Simon, Producer/Writer/Director, SimonPure Media
    • Marianne Halpin, Executive Director, East Haddam Historical Society
    • June Plecan, Project Manager, East Haddam Historical Society

    Ken Simon     Marianne Halpin     June Plecan

    Sponsor: Capture, LLC is a visual marketing agency connecting talented Photographers, 3D/VR Creators, Videographers, Drone pilots and Editors with real estate professionals and businesses across the United States.

    Zoom Information: Registrants will receive the Zoom webinar information via email prior to the event.

    • Wednesday, August 26, 2020
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • Zoom

    As educational institutions, museums are stewards of the visitor learning process, responsible for encouraging individual cognitive growth by facilitating new discoveries, nurturing discussion, and offering opportunities for reflection. As a result of attending this workshop, participants will leave with a greater understanding of how visitors learn in museums as well as concrete techniques for supporting visitor learning processes.

    Museum educator Lisa Marcinkowski June will begin the workshop with a brief explanation of the learning processes that all adults engage in during their visits to history museums, namely recalling, meaning making, and puzzling. Participants will learn why each process is critical to the formation of long-term learning, as well as how they relate to each other. Marcinkowski June will share data from her dissertation research that illustrates what these different processes look and sound like coming from museum visitors.

    After the overview, Rebecca Taber-Conover, Head of Public Programs and History Day at Connecticut’s Old State House, will lead a discussion on strategies for supporting these visitor learning processes during programs, guided tours, and other forms of interpretation. The primary audience for this workshop would be those involved in education and interpretation. However, anyone interested in understanding and facilitating the learning process in museum visitors is welcome.  


    • Lisa Marcinkowski June, PhD Candidate in Adult Learning, UCONN
    • Rebecca Taber-Conover, Head of Public Programs and History Day, Connecticut's Old State House

    Lisa Marcinkowski June

    Sponsor: SandorMax is a creative agency that develops websites, brands and marketing strategies that build communities.


    Zoom Information: Registrants will receive the Zoom webinar information via email prior to the event.

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